The XVI Conference of Labour Economics (2024) will be held in Barcelona. MORE INFORMATION HERE.

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  • Herrero-Alcalde, A., Martín-Román, J., Tránchez-Martín, J. M., & Moral-Arce, I. (2024). Fiscal rules to the test: The impact of the Spanish expenditure rule. European Journal of Political Economy, 102501. Abstract: Despite the large spread of fiscal rules around the world, there is still not enough evidence of their effectiveness in ensuring fiscal sustainability. Furthermore, there is little evidence of the impact of expenditure rules in countries’ fiscal performance. This […]

  • Giménez-Nadal, J. I., Velilla, J., & Ortega-Lapiedra, R. (2024). Differences in commuting between employee and self-employed workers: The case of Latin America. Journal of Transport Geography, 114, 103770. Resumen:  Commuting time represents a shock to worker time allocations that ultimately affects wellbeing. This paper analyzes the commuting behavior of employee and self-employed workers in urban areas of eleven Latin American countries. Using data from the ECAF data, results show that […]

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