Las XVI Jornadas de Economía Laboral (2024) se celebrarán en Barcelona. MÁS INFORMACIÓN AQUÍ.

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  • Congregado, E., Garcia-Clemente, J., Rubino, N., & Vilchez, I. (2024). Testing hysteresis for the US and UK involuntary part-time employment. Applied Economics, 1-21. Resumen: In this paper, we test the persistence of involuntary part-time employment, making use of large historical series for the US and UK. We adopted a comprehensive macro-econometric approach, based on a battery of panel and time series unit root and stationarity tests, also allowing for […]

  • Arenas Díaz, G., Guerrero, A. J., & Heijs, J. (2024). The effects of product and process innovation on employment: a meta-regression analysis. Eurasian Business Review, 1-34. Resumen: The fast emergence of intensive robotization in combination with artificial intelligence implies a reappearance of the debate about the effects of innovation on the labor market. Many empirical studies have explored this phenomenon at the micro level, especially since the surge of […]

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